VLC Media Player Leveraged by Hackers to Distribute Malware Loader

A lasting malicious campaign employed by threat actors linked to the Chinese government has been recently discovered by security experts. Its purpose is the launching of a custom malware loader by means of the VLC Media Player.

A Chinese state-backed advanced persistent threat (APT) group is attacking organizations around the globe in a likely espionage campaign that has been ongoing for several months. (…) Victims in this Cicada (aka APT10) campaign include government, legal, religious, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in multiple countries around the world, including in Europe, Asia, and North America. The wide number of sectors and geographies of the organizations targeted in this campaign is interesting. Cicada’s initial activity several years ago was heavily focused on Japanese-linked companies, though in more recent times it has been linked to attacks on managed service providers (MSPs) with a more global footprint. However, this campaign does appear to indicate a further widening of Cicada’s targeting. The attribution of this activity to Cicada is based on the presence on victim networks of a custom loader and custom malware that are believed to be exclusively used by the APT group.


Cicada Malicious Campaign: More Details

The current malicious campaign led by Cicada

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