We are headed for an ecosystem of cyber haves and cyber nots: Cisco advisory CISO

Image: Getty Images

When policy makers are dreaming about how cybersecurity will be handled in the future, it consists of governments issuing warnings to organisations, the community sharing intel with each other in real time, and the ecosystem being able to respond with a degree of unanimity.

For Cisco advisory CISO Helen Patton, that dream leaves out lots of organisations that are struggling underneath the security poverty line.

“We’ve got a lot of organisations that don’t have the resources to be able to participate in that kind of environment. They’ve got old pieces of equipment, they don’t do automation, they don’t have the resources to make it happen, they’re never going to engage in that kind of environment,” Patton told ZDNet.

“Maybe the financial sector, maybe the big companies that have got a lot of money that they can throw at this problem, might engage. But now you’re into these two tiers of security, we’ve got the upper tier that can take advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and real-time info share.

“And we’ve got everybody else who is hoping that some kid on a keyboard can do something about it, and obviously they won’t be able to. We will have

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