What, exactly, is cybersecurity? And why does it matter?

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Cybersecurity focuses on protecting electronic information on websites, networks, or devices from hackers. Through advanced technology and sophisticated processes, cybersecurity professionals help keep data safe and accessible.

Individuals and businesses alike face cybersecurity threats. In addition, businesses need protection from unauthorized data access — both from inside and outside the organization. Strong cybersecurity reduces the chances that a cyberattack will affect business operations.

Cybersecurity also has political implications. The US Department of Homeland Security designated election infrastructure as “critical” in 2017. This infrastructure includes voter registration databases and the digital technologies used to count, display, and confirm voting results — some of America’s most sensitive data. 

And cybersecurity can also affect public safety and health. In one case, hackers attempted to poison the municipal water supplies of cities in Florida and California. The hackers gained access to the technology platforms controlling the water systems. Luckily, officials caught the hacks before anyone got sick. 

Individuals can take simple steps to maintain their cybersecurity, like using a password manager app. But businesses typically require more sophisticated, proactive cybersecurity strategies. 

As a result, the number of people responsible for handling a company’s cybersecurity depends on an organization’s resources and operational

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