What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)? Definition, Scope, Roles, and Benefits.

In an ever-shifting threatscape, the necessity to identify, assess risk, respond, and hunt down emergent threats becomes even more pressing. The Security Operations Center or S.O.C is the preferred trade-off between defense reinforcement, security ‘frameworking’ & ‘blueprinting’, global policy enforcement, active threat-hunting, and auditing. A SOC team is comprised of software engineers, pen-testers, and security analysts, all banded together for the purpose of securing a company’s assets. This article will focus on the definition of the SOC concept, its scope, and the benefits associated with having a SOC team working for your company. Enjoy!

Defining S.O.C

A framework for Designing a Security Operations Center (SOC)” defines SOC as:

a team of skilled people operating with defined processes and supported by integrated security intelligence technologies (…)

and focusing on

(…) cyber threat, monitoring, forensic investigation, and incident management and reporting, under the umbrella of an overall security operations environment and clear executive support.

The paper also defines and delineates the four major pillars of SOC:  Intelligence, Secure Service Development, Business Damage Control, and Continuous Monitoring.

So, we’ve established the fact that a SOC team’s main objective is to safeguard a company against cyberattacks. Something doesn’t add up – isn’t that the

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