What is an APT?

Between ransomware, phishing, social engineering attacks, BEC attacks and more, organizations face countless threats that exploit various aspects of their environment and business. Organizations need to know what kind of threats are most dangerous and critical to defend against.

One of these threats are APTs, or Advanced Persistent Threats, a class of threats that can be disastrous due to their targeted nature and how effective they often are. These kinds of attacks are often carried out by well-resourced or state sponsored hacking groups, often making the news rounds when they do target an organization.

In this article, we’re going to show you what an APT is, who’s behind these attacks, and how to defend against them.

Why organizations should be worried about APTs

An APT, or advanced persistent threat, refers to a class of attack that targets an organization and lurks within its environment undetected, exfiltrating data, or waiting until the time is right to launch a more crippling attack.

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APTs are some of the more sophisticated attacks and are on the opposite spectrum of more commonly known attacks like phishing and spam. They’re highly targeted and have a long lead time where hacker groups take the time to

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