What Is Email Security?

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Email has remained a core part of our everyday digital life, even despite the rise and increasing popularity of instant messaging and collaboration tools. In virtually all industries, email is an integral part of regular business practices. The massive number of organizations that routinely use email can be linked to its simplicity and overall utility. Approximately 306.4 billion emails have been exchanged daily in 2020 for both business and private purposes and the number is projected to reach over 361.6 billion emails sent every day by 2024, so it’s no wonder that emails have been a desirable target for cybercriminals for some time now.

In today’s corporate landscape, digital messaging between employees, C-level execs, and the likes has become an essential component of the average workday. For this reason, achieving secure communication should be your top priority. Just like any piece of technology, email in and of itself is not secure hence, you need email security.

What Is Email Security?

The term email security refers to the protective procedures and techniques that cover email accounts, as well as the content and communications shared through them, against unlawful access, data loss, or other forms of

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