What is homomorphic encryption?

Homomorphic encryption is a security technology that allows you to safely run and store your confidential data in cloud environments. As with most technologies, there are going to be some pros and cons with choosing this method. They relate to how well it performs, how safe your data is and how well your applications run.

The basic idea behind this technology is there are use cases that require data to be accessible without being decrypted. This is useful in scenarios where confidentiality between the systems processing the data is required. Homomorphic encryption in cloud computing has the potential to be used in services that need to segment user data and keep it encrypted and safe, while still allowing authorized access to the data owners need to read, write and execute. The data and files are being stored in the cloud without exposing the users to risk by decrypting data before it can be accessed appropriately by the user.

To achieve this, homomorphic encryption is used. This encryption method makes it possible for cloud platforms to access encrypted data streams so they can be processed and stored without compromising security. The key benefit of using this technology is performance. There is

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