What Is Online Impersonation?

You are probably familiar with the legal term of criminal impersonation, but how does this felony take place when it’s online? After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of the common strategies used by hackers or someone with malicious intent, as well as what to expect from such an attack. What are the potential implications, and what can you do when it happens to you?

Online Impersonation: Definition

Online impersonation refers to those cases when a malicious actor is using someone’s online identity in order to gain financial benefits (such as obtaining a loan in their name or asking their family and friends for money), or with the purpose of harassing, intimidating, or threatening their victim.

Who would do this? Easy. A disgruntled ex, or former employee, or simply someone out to get you can impersonate you just for the purpose of causing harm. Creating fake explicit profiles in your name (and with your pictures) on adult dating websites, or hacking into your social media accounts to post embarrassing updates are just a few examples of how this can go down. Sometimes, it’s entirely offline, although this takes considerably more effort to pull off.

What Forms Can Online

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