What Is Vulnerability Management?

Some people still believe their IT infrastructure is unflawed simply because they’ve never experienced a cybersecurity incident – until something goes wrong and the company becomes the victim of a malware attack or a data leak. This is why proactively finding security flaws and minimizing loopholes is an utter necessity for organizations large and small, which is where vulnerability management comes into play.

What Is Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability Management refers to the security practices that proactively identify, prevent, mitigate, and classify vulnerabilities within an IT system, making it an important part of any cybersecurity strategy.

For a better understanding of the concept, our cybersecurity glossary defines vulnerabilities as a hole in computer security, that leaves the system open to damages caused by cyber attackers. Vulnerabilities have to be solved as soon as they are discovered before a cybercriminal takes advantage and exploits them.

Exploited vulnerabilities may lead to the disturbance of IT systems, potentially resulting in expensive data breaches and service disruptions.

Vulnerability Management vs. Patch Management

As stated above, the cyclical process of detecting, assessing, remediating, and reporting vulnerabilities and threats in a network is known as vulnerability management. Depending on the nature of vulnerability or threat, a different approach to

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