What Is Web3? A Primer for MSPs and Other Tech Companies

Unsurprisingly, I get asked “What is Web3?” a lot these days along with “What happened to blockchain?,” “What is the metaverse?,” and “Are NFTs legit?”

Before we answer these questions, let me pose another one: Why should you care about any of it? There are several possible scenarios where MSPs, technology vendors, integrators, et al, will need to deal with Web3, metaverse, NFTs, etc. (which I will group under “Web3 technologies” from now on):

Your client asks, “What is Web3 (or metaverse, NFT, etc.)?” In this case, you will want to be knowledgeable to maintain your credibility with your client.A customer says, “I want to do something in Web3. What can we do?” You are going to want to speak knowledgeably on how their request fits within their business goals, roadmap, model, etc., where Web3 can benefit them, and what are the next steps to exploring the concept.Your client is required by one of their business partners or customers to be part of a decentralized (i.e., blockchain or Web3) system. You will want to know enough to hit the ground running to support your client, which may require spinning up a blockchain node for the shared system, connecting blockchain wallets, etc.

So, let me

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