What the Pandemic Has Taught Us

It has been two years since the first worldwide lockdown from the COVID pandemic. We all have adapted, living and working a lifestyle that was unthinkable before the pandemic. We all have gone through a lot of pain, some suffering the loss of loved ones, all not able to be with our friends and family physically as much as we want. At the same time, like everything in life, the pandemic has taught us some valuable lessons. Here are the five lessons the pandemic has taught me:

People are more clear about the important things in life Humans need social interactions Work from home is going mainstream Company culture is more important than ever The playing field for talent is much more leveled across the globe People are more clear about the important things in life

Before the pandemic, our busy days were packed with activities from work and personal life. We went about our daily routines without questioning them. The thought of cutting back or cutting out most of those activities was unthinkable. When the lockdown happened, we had to adapt overnight. We had to re-examine the essential things needed for us to survive, thrive, and be happy.

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