What to Do if Your Email Account Has Been Hacked

My email account has been hacked. How much trouble am I in?

Well, having your email account cracked could pose a serious problem given that your photos, contracts, invoices, tax forms, reset passwords for every other account, and sometimes even passwords or credit card PINs are all saved there. Plus: our emails are interconnected to all our other digital accounts, from bank accounts to social networks, cloud services, online shops, and so on. By simply breaching the email, a malicious hacker can easily get access to all these.

Hackers don’t just want your money. They want all the details they can possibly get, no matter if you’re the CEO of a top company, a celebrity, or just someone with “nothing valuable” on their emails. Your data can be used to make financial operations in your name. Cybercriminals can use your credit card details, open bank accounts, take out loans, or ruin your credit card’s rating – not to mention that if the hacked email account belongs to a company, we’re already talking about a data breach, which usually results in revenue loss, time loss, brand damage, and legal action.

Why Would Cybercriminals Want to Hack Your Email?

Email hacking has become a

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