Why Do Many CISOs Prefer Incident Response over Threat Prevention?

An incident response plan represents a comfortable and traditional view of the cyberthreat landscape, helping companies to be prepared in case a cyber incident appears, whereas threat prevention solutions are a more innovative ally in the fight against cybercriminals, laying a bet on proactivity and the obstruction of cyber incidents in the first place. Looking at the cybersecurity market, CISOs seem to prefer the first one. Let’s explore the dynamics of incident response vs threat prevention / proactive cybersecurity approach and see how they can work together to offer your company enhanced cybersecurity!

Why Incident Response? 

As you can probably tell, a cybersecurity incident is not only a technical issue – it can seriously affect a business on multiple levels. News about cyberattacks and breaches do reach the headlines, so it’s very easy to guess when a company did not have an incident response plan in place if they try to minimize the incident’s severity, if the executives get accused or if there is no proper communication with the affected people. 

CISOs opt for incident response because the benefits of such a plan are, indeed, undeniable: 

A cybersecurity incident response plan with clear post-event instructions, roles assignment, and incident

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