Why healthcare IoT requires stronger healthcare cybersecurity

The healthcare industry has gone through a dramatic technological transformation, one that has been accelerated by COVID.

Internet-connected devices (collectively known as the Internet of Things, or IoT devices), once a promising technology, have recently become ubiquitous in the healthcare industry, with these devices becoming a significant part of patients’ care and an ever-present part of any healthcare facility.

However, despite the advantages, speed, and information healthcare IoT has created for the industry, it’s also introduced significant risk, threatening healthcare companies and even their patients.

The rise of IoT in healthcare cybersecurity

The healthcare industry has been leveraging IoT devices for years, steadily increasing its use in facilities and patient care. The use of IoT devices has dramatically risen and digitalization has been further spurred by COVID-19, where the need for telehealth and remote care has become a necessity among any healthcare provider. By 2027, the IoT in Healthcare market is expected to reach $290B, up from just $60B in 2019.

However, for all the benefits IoT devices provide, they’ve also introduced new risks to these healthcare organizations that haven’t had much priority or attention given. This has created a dangerous gap — new technology is introducing new risks and a

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