Why quickly patching your iPhones and Macs is more important than ever

Apple products are secure and don’t get malware or hacked. This is a dangerous myth that continues to circulate despite being total garbage.

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In fact, the number of vulnerabilities in Apple’s products is rapidly catching up with companies like Google and Microsoft.

A report by Atlas VPN (based on data from Telefonica Tech Cybersecurity) shows how vulnerabilities found in Apple products surged by 467% during the second half of 2021 to 380 exploits, a dramatic rise from the 67 uncovered during the first half of 2021.

In fact, this puts the number of vulnerabilities found in Apple products in the latter six months of 2021 a stone’s throw away from the top generators of vulnerabilities — Google (511 vulnerabilities) and Microsoft (428 vulnerabilities).

Companies with the most vulnerabilities in 2021 H1 and H2

Atlas VPN/Telefonica Tech

According to the report, a good chunk of Apple’s vulnerabilities seems to relate to the Safari web browser and its various operating systems, while the

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