Why Removing Admin Rights Closes Critical Vulnerabilities in Your Organization

You have surely heard before about admin rights. This article will shed some light on what are admin rights, what risks they pose to an organization’s security, the benefits of removing admin rights for your organization, best practices on admin rights management, and of course, how to remove local admin rights with our solution.

This is not about removing admin rights forever, for everyone but yourself or anything like that. This is about making the removal of admin rights the default setting in your organizational network. After making sure every employee but a few system administrators have a user profile instead of an admin one, the administrative rights should be managed on a case-by-case basis.

This being said, read on to gain more knowledge!

What Are Admin Rights?

Admin rights are those permission levels granted to use the system beyond standard user rights. They are usually granted to administrators, but can also be granted to other users with higher permissions. Admin rights give permission of the user in question as to the ability, for example, to change settings or delete data on a server or website.

Why Removing Admin Rights Is Important?

The two main reasons why removing admin rights

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