Wireshark creator joins Sysdig to extend it to cloud security

If you’re a real network administrator, you know and love open source Wireshark. For over 15-years, it’s been the tool that professionals use for network traffic protocol analysis. Nothing else even comes close. Now, Sysdig, the container and cloud security company, has hired Gerald Combs, its creator and project leader, to join its open source team. There, Combs will help them with Sysdig-related open-source projects such as  Falco, Prometheus, eBPF, and Sysdig Inspect. In addition, Sysdig will sponsor and manage the Wireshark community and extend Wireshark to monitoring and analyzing cloud networks. 

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Wireshark is an open source GUI network package capturing tool for those who don’t know Wireshark yet. With it, you can monitor network traffic, learn protocols and packet basics, and troubleshoot network problems. For network admins, Wireshark is the de facto standard for checking the health and security of networks at a microscopic level. If you want to know more about how to use Wireshark,

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