Wordfence Helps Enable Education in Uganda

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I want to share something very exciting and truly wonderful with you all today. just completed a project where we partnered with Far Away Friends, a Denver-based non-profit working in partnership with local leaders in Uganda, to bring light and electricity to a school campus in a remote area of Uganda called Namasale. 

I’d like you to watch the video below, because it gives you a real sense of the transformation that has happened in Namasale thanks to this project and thanks to your help. Then scroll down for the full story. 

As you already know, our is . Wordfence, allows you to run your business on WordPress, with the that your customers and your investment are safe and secure.

We believe that security extends beyond the . No matter where you are, everyone has the right to feel secure, and to be secure. We believe that access to is the most fundamental way to enable security for individuals, families, and communities. 

When we learned about Far Away Friends, whose mission is to improve the lives of in rural Uganda by providing access to education, we knew we wanted to get involved. Given

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