WordPress 5.9.2 Security Update Fixes XSS and Prototype Pollution Vulnerabilities

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Last night, just after 6pm Pacific time, on Thursday  March 10, 2022, the WordPress core team released WordPress version 5.9.2, which contains security patches for a high-severity vulnerability as well as two medium-severity issues.

The high-severity issue affects version 5.9.0 and 5.9.1 and allows contributor-level users and above to insert malicious JavaScript into WordPress posts. The Wordfence Threat Intelligence team was able to create a Proof of Concept for this vulnerability fairly quickly and released a firewall rule early on March 11, 2022, to protect WordPress sites that have not yet been updated.

The two medium-severity vulnerabilities impact WordPress versions earlier than 5.9.2 and potentially allow attackers to execute arbitrary JavaScript in a user’s session if they can trick that user into clicking a link, though there are no known practical exploits for these two vulnerabilities affecting WordPress. All versions of WordPress since WordPress 3.7 have also been updated with the fix for these vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Analysis

As with all WordPress core releases containing security fixes, the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team has analyzed the update in detail to ensure our customers remain secure.

We have released two new firewall rules to protect against the vulnerabilities patched in WordPress 5.9.2. These

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