YouTube remains in Russia to be an independent news source: CEO

YouTube has remained in Russia to serve as a source of independent news, according to CEO Susan Wojcicki who spoke at the Davos World Economic Forum on Tuesday where she also addressed the company’s decision to remove Russian state media from the platform.

“As soon as the war broke out, we realised this was an incredibly important time for us to get it right with regard to our responsibility,” said Wojcicki.

The CEO explained the company had updated its policies to remove Russian state media from its platform, as well as other content, in an effort to stem misinformation that sought to deny or trivialise the war in Ukraine.

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Wojcicki added the YouTube platform had been used for “all kinds of humanitarian reasons” throughout the conflict, such as aiding medical professionals on the battlefield and educating children isolated from school as a result of the war.

Further to this, the CEO detailed how Russia has been pushing citizens toward Rutube, a Russian video platform with similarities to YouTube, but added that she was not concerned by the emergence of the service.

With regard to other social media and content services, Russian communications agency Roskomnadzor announced in March it

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