Acer Hit Twice in One Week by the Same Hacker

Threat actors identified as ‘Desorden’ claimed they had hacked Acer India’s computers and stolen data, including client information.

What Happened?

Acer reacted in a press release saying this was an isolated assault and only affected their after-sales support systems in India.

Desorden sent a note to journalists, claiming that on October 15th, they broke into Acer Taiwan’s systems and took employee and product information.


They also provided pictures of an internal Acer Taiwan portal as well as CSV files holding Acer staff login passwords.

According to BleepingComputer, the threat actors carried out the assault to show that Acer is still susceptible and the extra security measures were not sufficient to prevent further attacks.

We did not asked for separate payment on the Taiwan breach. it was meant to prove our point that Acer has neglected their cybersecurity. – Disorden


Soon after the threat actors informed Acer Taiwan of the vulnerability, the firm shut down the vulnerable server. Other servers in Malaysia and Indonesia are still susceptible, according to the hacker group.

In a response to BleepingComputer yesterday, Acer acknowledged the intrusion and stated that the Taiwan hacks only affected employee data.

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