Cyberattacks Against Israeli Government Sites: ‘Largest in the Country’s History’

DDoS attacks against Israel telecom companies took down government sites, sparking a temporary state of emergency.

Israel’s Nation Cyber Directorate confirmed in a tweet on Monday that a denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against a telecommunications provider took down several government sites, as well as others not affiliated with the government. The incident led to the Directorate to briefly declare a state of emergency, while sources said the cyberattack was the largest ever against Israel.

“Update: In the last few hours, a [DDoS] attack has been identified on a communications provider which, as a result, has for a short time prevented access to a number of sites, including government sites,” the Cyber Israel account tweeted.

Haaretz reported the sites for the Israeli departments of interior, health, justice, welfare and even the Prime Minister’s office were taken offline (services are now restored). A source identified by Haaretz as a member of the “defense establishment” noted the size of the attack, adding that only a nation-state backed threat actor could have pulled off such a large-scale attack.

Internet tracker NetBlocks reported that the attacks were launched against Israeli telecom providers Bezeq and Cellcom.

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