Legislator slams Biden administration for dialing back DOD cyber operation authorities

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May 11, 2022 | CYBERSCOOP

Cyberspace Solarium Commission Co-Chair Rep. Mike Gallagher lambasted the White House Wednesday, saying the decision to give the State Department more ability to weigh in on some cyber operations “risks undermining our national security.”

Gallagher, a Wisconsin Republican, made his remarks in response to a CyberScoop report citing two sources familiar with the discussions between the White House and the State and Defense departments. The White House brokered a deal that would bring the State Department back into the decision-making process on cyber operations, paring back unprecedented authorities the Defense Department gained in the Trump administration under a policy known as National Security Presidential Memorandum-13 (NSPM-13).

As part of the compromise the State Department would have an enhanced ability to oversee cyber operations involving third-party countries. For example, if a Russian cyber operation relied on a server in France, the State Department would now have more of a window into the decision to conduct a cyber operation there and weigh in on whether and how to notify the French government.

Gallagher contended that anything that slows down U.S. Cyber Command is dangerous in a world where cyber operations are conducted

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