State-Sponsored Phishing Attack Targeted Israeli Military Officials

Analysts have uncovered an Iran-linked APT sending malicious emails to top Israeli government officials.

An advanced persistent threat group, with ties to Iran, is believed behind a phishing campaign targeting high-profile government and military Israeli personnel, according to a report by Check Point Software.

Targets of the campaign included a senior leadership in the Israeli defense industry, the former U.S. Ambassador to Israel and the former Deputy Prime Minister of Israel.

The goal of the campaign, the researchers said, was to obtain personal information from targets.

Fake Emails from Legit Addresses

One of the targets, according to Check Point, is Tzipi Livni, Israel’s former foreign minister, minister of justice and vice prime minister. Researchers believe that the target was selected because of the high-caliber list of contacts in her address book.

Not long ago she received an email from, according to the researchers, “a well-known former Major General in the IDF who served in a highly sensitive position.” The sender address was not spoofed – it was the same domain she’d corresponded with before. Translated from Hebrew, the message read:

Hello my dear friends, Please see attached article to summarize the year. ((*eyes only*)) Of course I

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