4 Ways Cybercriminals Exploit Remote Teams

Working from home (WFH) is not a piece of cake especially when cybercriminals exploited every possible vulnerability to break into your workstation.

Cybercriminals are improving and refining their methods for preying on people’s anxieties about COVID-19. As a result, working from home has opened the door to new types of data theft.

A lack of technology infrastructure and poor cyber and data protection poses a cyber risk to organizations, as well as the sheer number of employees who are not educated on the very real and grave cybersecurity threats they face every day. 

Companies must prioritize preventative measures to address both the loss of corporate data and intellectual property and the possibility of corporate fraud. This requires a combination of tech fixes that help keep companies current on data management and compliance standards, as well as understanding the threats as they continue to evolve. Below are 4 ways cybercriminals exploit remote teams. 

Phishing Emails

While working from the comfort of their own homes, remote employees are prone to letting their guard down, more so than they would be in an office setting. Cybercriminals know this and send phishing emails to deceive an employee into clicking on links infected

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