Ad-blocker Chrome extension AllBlock injected ads in Google searches

AllBlock was available on Google Chrome’s Web Store where it is marketed as a potent Ad Blocker focusing on Facebook and YouTube to prevent pop-ups.

Google has maintained that it takes the security of Chrome extensions very seriously and regularly vets them to prevent exploitation. However, the new report from Imperva reveals that maybe Google isn’t performing its job as sincerely as it claims to be.

Chrome’s Ad-Blocker Extension Displaying Ads on Google

Security vendor Imperva’s Sillam and Ron Masas reported that a Google Chrome extension called AllBlock designed to block ads is injecting ads into Chrome and Opera.

Although the extension blocks ads, it runs a script in the background that injects a piece of JavaScript code into every tab that the user opens. This code communicates to remote servers and download/installs a payload connected to an ad-injection scam’s operators.

“When the user clicks on any modified links on the webpage, he will be redirected to an affiliate link. Via this affiliate fraud, the attacker earns money when specific actions like registration or sale of the product take place,” Imperva researchers observed.

The payload then retrieves a series of unwanted ads, most of which are

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