Amnesty Intl. accuses Indian cyber security firm of spyware attacks

According to Amnesty International, it found evidence that attackers testing the spyware were using the IP address of Indian cyber security firm Innefu Labs.

Amnesty International has accused an Indian cyber security company of developing Android spyware that has been used in targeted attacks against Togolese activists. The company, Innefu Labs, has denied the allegations.

According to Amnesty International, the spyware is distributed via email messages and the Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp. The campaign’s modus operandi involves phishing and social engineering techniques such as luring the victim into downloading the spyware through email or installing it on their device through WhatsApp chat.

Once installed, the spyware allows attackers to have full control over the device including the camera, microphone, read WhatsApp messages, steal files and photos remotely – all that without raising any alarm.

One Togolese activist who would like to keep their identity hidden shared WhatsApp screenshots showing an Indian WhatsApp number trying to lure them into downloading and installing ‘ChatLite,’ supposedly secure chat app.

In reality, it was actually a custom-developed Android spyware tool that, when successfully deployed, allows the attackers to collect sensitive data from victims’ mobile devices and install additional spyware tools.

In another attempt,

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