Android flubot malware installs itself by faking security update

The security update is obviously phony but looks authentic that can deceive users into installing Flubot malware on their devices.

New Zealand’s Computer Emergency Response Team (Cert NZ) has issued a new warning involving the spread and infection of the infamous Flubot malware known for its password stealing capabilities.

According to authorities, the threat actors are now trying to trick users into believing that their devices are infected with Flubot malware by displaying a fake security warning message.

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The warning is obviously phony that may become a reality if the recipient of this message clicks on the Install Security Update button that’s part of the message.

Flubot Strikes Again

CERT NZ released an advisory to warn users about a deceptive text message that reads: “Android has detected that your device has been infected.” The message contains further instructions on how to install a security update to remove the malware.

However, when the recipient clicks on the install security update button, this action triggers the Flubot infection. CERT NZ also mentioned that Flubot malware message is targeting Android phones, and the content of these messages is constantly

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