Beware of Fake Windows 11 Update Delivering Malware

According to researchers, the fake upgrade injects malware onto Windows-based devices and steals crypto wallets and browsing data.

CloudSEK security researchers have discovered a fake Windows 11 update website that would seem pretty convincing to unsuspecting users. The website offers the visitors a free Windows 11 installation for PCs not meeting the operating system’s minimum specifications. However, it actually installs a data stealer.

For your information, Windows 11 comes with a handsome set of requirements, the most famous one being that the system must support Trusted Platform Module version 2.0 (TPM 2.0). This is why even powerful computers and laptops have become incompatible with Win 11. This has led to a rise in malicious campaigns luring people to fake websites like this one.

How to Identify Fake Website

Since people are looking for ways to circumnavigate TPM 2.0 so that their PCs meet Windows 11 requirements, in the campaign identified by CloudSEK researchers, the website looks genuine, but when examined closely, they learned that the site URL wasn’t an authentic Microsoft address and was just designed in a way to look like a genuine Microsoft website with official logos and artwork.

Fake Windows 11 Update Website (Image: CloudSEK via

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