Case Study: How Can Heimdal™’s Next-Gen Antivirus Help You Stay Safe?

Business IT Plus has recently published a very interesting case study in which they explore the importance of having a good antivirus solution installed.

Business IT Plus has been working alongside multiple small businesses since 2002. By partnering with companies like Microsoft, ESET Antivirus, or Draytek Routers, they supply the big brands and build their own custom range of computers for all budgets.

A client called us recently, understandably very concerned that after a Google search and entering what they thought was the Amazon website, multiple error messages appeared on their screen. A voice was also sounding out of the computer’s speakers stating “your IP address has been corrupted, please call the number on the screen, do not turn off your computer”. Now luckily and firstly, our client had the common sense not to call this number, and secondly, they had us as their IT provider to help them!!! We were able to quickly identify that this was on a browser which we were able to close down and it immediately stopped the warnings with no damage done to the computer. Most importantly, they did NOT call the number on their screen as indicated to do as this is exactly what they wanted

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