ChromeLoader Browser Malware Spreading Via Pirated Games and QR Codes

A new malvertising campaign has emerged in which ChromeLoader malware is being used to hijack browsers and steal data.

A sudden, unexpected spike in browser hijacking campaigns utilizing ChromeLoader malware has been detected lately, stated Aedan Russell from Red Canary. Russell noted that the attackers aim to hijack browsers through the “pervasive and persistent” ChromeLoader malware that can modify browser settings and redirect the victim to advertisement sites.

The malvertising campaign is financially motivated as the attackers are part of a wider network of marketing affiliates and redirect the user to advertising sites.

What is ChromeLoader?

For your information, ChromeLoader is a Chrome browser extension distributed as ISO files through pay-per-install websites and fraudulent social media posts usually offering QR codes, pirated movies, or cracked video games.

A screenshot of a Tweet shared by researchers shows a redacted scannable malicious QR code that leads to ChromeLoader’s download site

ChromeLoader changes web browser settings to display search results that lure users to download unwanted software, visit dating sites or adult games platforms, and participate in fake surveys. It stands apart among other browser hijackers for its incredible persistence, infection route, and volume involving abuse of PowerShell.

Attack Scenario

According to

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