Conti Ransomware Decryptor, TrickBot Source Code Leaked

The decryptor spilled by ContiLeaks won’t work with recent victims. Conti couldn’t care less: It’s still operating just fine. Still, the dump is a bouquet’s worth of intel.

The pro-Ukraine member of the Conti ransomware gang who promised to eviscerate the extortionists after they pledged support for the Russian government has spilled yet more Conti guts: The latest dump includes source code for Conti ransomware, TrickBot malware, a decryptor and the gang’s administrative panels, among other core secrets.

On Monday, vx-underground – an internet collection of malware source code, samples and papers that’s generally considered to be a benign entity – shared on Twitter a message from a Conti member saying that “This is a friendly heads-up that the Conti gang has just lost all their sh•t.”

The first of what ContiLeaks promised would be a series of “very interesting” leaks included 60,000 of the Conti gang’s internal chat messages.

The Conti Intel Treasure Trove

Then, on Tuesday, ContiLeaks leaked even more of Conti’s common tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), which were shared by vx-underground.

In a Wednesday analysis, CyberArk researchers enumerated the leaked content and why it’s important. This intel is vital as Russian tanks

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