Conti Ransomware Expands Ability to Blow Up Backups

The ransomware gang has developed novel tactics to demolish backups, especially the Veeam recovery .

Good at identifying and obliterating backups? Speak Russian? The notorious Conti ransomware group may find you a fine hiring prospect.

That’s according to a report published on Wednesday by cyber-risk prevention firm Advanced Intelligence, which details how Conti has honed its backup destruction to a fine art – all the better to find, crush and kill backed-up data. After all, backups are a major obstacle to encouraging ransomware payment.

A Conti Primer

Palo Alto Networks has described the gang as a standout, and not in a good way: “It’s one of the most ruthless of the dozens of ransomware gangs that we follow,” the firm said. As of June, Conti had spent more than a year attacking organizations where IT outages can threaten lives: Hospitals, emergency number dispatch carriers, emergency medical services and law-enforcement agencies.

An example: In May, ’s department of services was still reeling a week after a Conti ransomware attack that wasn’t even all that successful. Officials said at the time that the attack would cost tens of millions of Euros to

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