Cyber Command Publicly Joins Fight Against Ransomware Groups  

U.S. military acknowledges targeting cybercriminals who launch attacks on U.S. companies.

Cybercriminals who launch attacks on critical U.S. companies are going to be targeted by the branch of the military known as Cyber Command, and everyone has been put on notice.

Gen. Paul Nakasone, who heads up Cyber Command, told the New York Times this weekend that his team isn’t just going after state actors, but that they’re taking on any cybercriminals who attack American infrastructure.

“Before, during and since, with a number of elements of our government, we have taken actions and we have imposed costs,” Nakasone said in the New York Times, according to CNN. “That’s an important piece that we should always be mindful of.”

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Law enforcement has had a few successes taking down malware operator groups like TrickBot and REvil, and taking down DarkSide‘s servers following its attack on the Colonial Pipeline, but the rise in cybercrime across almost every sector is undeniable.

Now the feds have called in the military.

Cyber Command’s public entry

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