Cyber Security Risks That You Should Be Careful Of While Streaming

With the increased entertainment content from the thousands of streaming apps, cybercriminals have found greener pastures. They are sharpening their skills every day to steal information, especially from well-established apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and the rest. 

The streaming business continues to boom, and even with geo-restrictions, streamers can get access to the content. For instance, there would be no restrictions for anyone who wants to watch Disney+ Hotstar in the USA. You only need to subscribe to a VPN.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals have gone to the extent of exploiting the VPN components, and streamers are left exposed to Phishing, malware, or spyware attacks.  But if you’re using a reliable VPN, this should not be an issue of concern.

But the fact remains the probability of having your sensitive information exposed and losing some critical assets is high when you get online.

There are many cybersecurity risks you should be careful of as you stream. And as you become a movie buff, someone could be waiting to take advantage of you, learn how;

1. Phishing attacks

To simply put phishing is an internet fraud where cybercriminals steal data. For instance, if an attacker wants to steal login credentials of a streamer,

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