Fake Ransomware Infection Hits WordPress Sites

WordPress sites have been splashed with ransomware warnings that are as real as dime-store cobwebs made out of spun polyester.

Fake red-on-black warnings have been plastered to hundreds of WordPress sites, warning that they’ve been encrypted.

The warnings have at least one ransomware accoutrement that might look convincing at first blush: a countdown clock tick-tick-ticking away, warning site owners that they’ve got seven days, 10 hours, 21 minutes and 9 seconds to fork over 0.1 Bitcoin – about USD $6,000 at the time this story was posted – before the files are encrypted and go up in an irretrievable puff of e-smoke.

That’s a good chunk of change to any small-time user of the open-source content management system (CMS): “Not a negligible sum of money for an average website owner, to say the least!” Sucuri security analyst Ben Martin wrote in a Tuesday post. It’s most particularly steep given that it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Sucuri first noticed the fake vampire-movie-colored red-on-black warnings on Friday. It started out slow, and then it started to grow: Running a Google Search last week turned up only six results for the ransom demand – “FOR RESTORE SEND 0.1 BITCOIN”. That

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