Feds Dismantle Russian Rsocks Botnet Powered by Millions of IoT Devices

The hackers behind Rsocks botnet used the hacked IoT devices as proxy servers where its customers would pay them for using the device’s IP address while the device owner remained unaware of the exploitation.

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) seized and dismantled a Russian botnet infrastructure, the operators of which hijacked millions of devices across the globe to offer IP proxy service.

The prosecutors alleged that Rsocks was in use by an undisclosed, notorious Russian hacker(s) running a sophisticated cybercrime organization. The gang offered web proxy service after hacking into millions of IoT devices, computers, laptops, and Android smartphones.

How did the Seizure happen?

In a press release, the DoJ confirmed the involvement of law enforcement agencies from the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany in this operation launched in 2017 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Seized Rsocks website

The bureau secretly purchased proxies from Rsocks to track its infrastructure and located at least 325,000 infected devices in the US. Prosecutors claimed that the botnet conducted cyber intrusions within the US and abroad.

What are Proxy Servers?

Proxy service operators provide access to IP addresses to interested users for a fee. Though not inherently illegal, the service

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