Finland Faces Blizzard of FluBot-Spreading Text Messages

Millions of texts leading to the Flubot spyware/banking trojan are targeting everyone who uses Androids in the country, in an “exceptional” attack.

The Flubot banking trojan is blanketing Finland, spreading via Android phones that are sending millions of malicious text messages.

On Friday, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC-FI) at the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency posted a “severe” alert about the malware blizzard, which it said was spreading via dozens of message variants that are sneezing out Flubot like mad.

Once installed, Flubot sets about gaining permissions, stealing banking information and credentials, lifting passwords stored on the device and squirreling away various pieces of personal information. It also sends out additional text messages to the infected device’s contact list, which allows it to “go viral” — like the flu.

“An Android malware called Flubot is being spread by SMS. According to our current estimate, tens of thousands of messages have been sent to people in Finland during one day. We expect the amount to increase in the coming days and weeks,” said Aino-Maria Väyrynen, information security adviser at the NCSC-FI, in the alert.

It Started Not-Slow & Continued to Grow-Grow-Grow

The campaign did indeed get

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