Gaming, Banking Trojans Dominate Mobile Malware Scene

The overall number of attacks on mobile users is down, but they’re getting slicker, both in terms of malware functionality and vectors, researchers say.

The number of cyberattacks launched against mobile users was down last year, researchers have found — but don’t pop the champagne just quite yet. The decline was offset by jacked-up, more sophisticated, more nimble mobile nastiness.

In a Monday report, Kaspersky said that its researchers have observed a downward trend in the number of attacks on mobile users, as shown in the chart below. However, “attacks are becoming more sophisticated in terms of both malware functionality and vectors,” according to Kaspersky experts Tatyana Shiskova and Anton Kivva.

Number of attacks on mobile users, 2019–2021. Source: Kaspersky.

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“In the reporting period, after a surge in H2 2020, cybercriminal activity gradually abated: There were no global newsbreaks or major campaigns, and the COVID-19 topic began to fade,” according to Monday’s report. “At the same time, new players continue to emerge on the cyberthreat market as malware becomes more sophisticated; thus, the fall

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