How to Recover From a Ransomware Attack

The results of a ransomware attack are different for every organization. You might have paid the ransom and the hackers came through with their end of the deal, i.e. gave you the key to your files. In other scenarios, you might have paid, and data has remained in the hacker’s hands.

If you’ve involved the authorities that used the encrypting device to recover the data, you might have gotten access to your files back without paying the ransom. Regardless of how you initially handled the situation, what follows is the period of remediation.

The recovery period following a cyberattack is the most damaging time for affected organizations. It has been known to drain the finances of companies completely. Also, it causes irreversible damage to the reputation of companies that disclosed the breach to the public.

For ransomware, it’s estimated that it takes between a week and a month to fully recover. Even if your important files are encrypted for just two days, it’s estimated that the downtime will last between 15 and 22 days

Downtime considers the time it takes for businesses to get back to 100 percent after the attack interrupts their workflow. Remediation time is crucial because it determines

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