How To Secure WordPress Website From Cyber Attacks?

If you own a WordPress website this article is for you because it addresses WordPress security and protection against cyber attacks.

WordPress is a widely used CMS (content management system), powering a significant proportion of all available websites. Unfortunately, it also attracts cyber criminals who take advantage of the platform’s security flaws.

It does not mean that WordPress’s security mechanism is ineffective. Security issues can also occur due to the absence of security measures from the users’ side such as outdated or malware-infected plugins. Therefore, it is crucial to take security measures before your WordPress website becomes a target of a malicious attack.

Although you can maintain network security while transferring files by understanding the TCP vs UDP comparison and selecting the best one for web security, some valuable yet small details might help you secure your website in the long run.

What Is the Importance of WordPress Website Security?

A hacked WordPress site can significantly harm your company’s income and credibility. Cybercriminals can access passwords and user information and even exploit the site to spread malware or harvest login credentials and banking card information. Therefore, providing a secure platform for your website’s users/visitors is a must.

Also, keeping

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