Invest in These 3 Key Security Technologies to Fight Ransomware

Ransomware volumes are up 1000%. Aamir Lakhani, cybersecurity researcher and practitioner at FortiGuard Labs , discusses secure email, network segmentation and sandboxing for defense.

A recent survey by Fortinet revealed that two-thirds of organizations had been the target of at least one ransomware attack – and 85 percent are more concerned about a ransomware attack than any other form of cyberattack. And, the evolving threat landscape is cited as one of the top challenges in preventing ransomware attacks.

Almost all of those surveyed said they felt they were moderately prepared for a ransomware attack. They also indicated that their top investment priority was to provide cyber-awareness training for their employees. However, it was also clear from the survey that most organizations also need to recognize the critical value of investing in additional technologies.

Advanced email security, segmentation and sandboxing are crucial, in addition to mainstays like next-gen firewall, secure web gateway (SWG), and endpoint detection and response (EDR). Today’s ransomware attacks leverage multiple attack vectors, so it’s vital that enterprises consider and evaluate solutions designed to reduce the full scope of their risk. If not, such gaps are sure to be exploited by determined cybercriminals.

Advanced Email Security

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