Kazakh Govt. Used Spyware Against Protesters

Researchers have discovered that a Kazakhstan government entity deployed sophisticated Italian spyware within its borders.

An agent of the Kazakhstan government has been using enterprise-grade spyware against domestic targets, according to Lookout research published last week.

The government entity used brand impersonation to trick victims into downloading the malware, dubbed “Hermit.” Hermit is an advanced, modular program developed by RCS Lab, a notorious Italian company that specializes in digital surveillance. It has the power to do all kinds of spying on a target’s phone – not just collect data, but also record and make calls.

The timing of this spying operation holds extra significance. In the first week of 2022, anti-government protests were met with violent crackdowns across Kazakhstan. 227 people died in all, and nearly 10,000 were arrested. Four months later is when researchers discovered the latest samples of Hermit making rounds.

The Intrusion

How do you get a target to download their own spyware?

In this campaign, the perpetrators use OPPO – Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd – a Chinese mobile and electronics manufacturer – as its ploy to earn trust among targets. According to researchers, agents working on the behalf of the government

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