Lapsus$ Data Kidnappers Claim Snatches From Microsoft, Okta

Lapsus$ shared screenshots of internal Okta systems and 40Gb of purportedly stolen Microsoft data on Bing, Bing Maps and Cortana.

Both Microsoft and Okta are investigating claims by the new, precocious data extortion group Lapsus$ that the gang has breached their systems.

Lapsus$ claimed to have gotten itself “superuser/admin” access to internal systems at authentication firm Okta. It also posted 40GB worth of files to its Telegram channel, including screenshots and source code, of what the group said is Microsoft’s internal projects and systems.

The news was first reported by Vice and Reuters.

Okta confirmed on Tuesday that it had been hit and that some customers may have been affected. The scope of the breach isn’t yet clear, but it could be huge: According to Okta, it has hundreds of millions of users that use its platform to provide access to networks, including employees at thousands of large companies such as Fedex, Moody’s, T-Mobile, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and GrubHub, to name a few.

‘Very Worrisome’ Screenshots

The purported Okta screenshots included one that appears to show Okta’s Slack channels and another with a Cloudflare interface. In an accompanying message, the group said its focus was

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