MacOS Malware: Myth vs. Truth – Podcast

Huntress Labs R&D Director Jamie Levy busts the old “Macs don’t get viruses” myth and offers tips on how MacOS malware differs and how to protect against it.

Remember those ads with a sneezing guy in a suit who says he’s a PC and to stay away, he’s got that nasty virus that’s going around? “That’s OK,” says the young, hip guy in blue jeans: He’s a Mac.

… as if any machine that runs code could possibly be immune to malware…?

Boy, was that a stretch.

The untruthiness of the notion that Macs are immune to malware has been proved by multiple MacOS-focused malwares. Examples include Silver Sparrow, the malware capable of targeting Apple’s then-new M1 ARM architecture Macs back in February 2021. Another: the variant of the Shlayer Mac OSX malware with advanced stealth capabilities that was spotted in the wild in June 2020, actively using poisoned Google search results in order to find victims.

Do you still hear people say “Oh, I’m on a Mac. I can’t get a virus”?

Jamie Levy, director of R&D at Huntress, recently hosted one of the company’s “Tradecraft Tuesday” webinars, where she dug into

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