Malicious Exchange Server Module Hoovers Up Outlook Credentials

“Owowa” stealthily lurks on IIS servers, waiting to harvest successful logins when an Outlook Web Access (OWA) authentication request is made.

Researchers have uncovered a previously unknown malicious IIS module, dubbed Owowa, that steals credentials when users log into Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Internet Information Services (IIS),  Microsoft’s web server/web-hosting software suite, can be extended via various add-ons that are known as modules.

Like plugins for WordPress or Chrome extensions, IIS modules offer an attractive way to side-load malicious features into web-facing applications. In this case, Owowa infects Exchange servers, exposing Exchange’s OWA function. Beyond credential theft, it allows remote attackers to run commands on the underlying server and to establish a foothold for access to the broader network, researchers warned.

“[It] allows the attackers to steal login credentials for Outlook Web Access and gain remote access control to the underlying server,” according to researchers at Kaspersky, in a Tuesday writeup. “Its malicious capabilities can easily be launched by sending seemingly innocuous requests – in this case, OWA authentication requests.”

The module is also stealthy and difficult to detect, and it offers persistence even in the face of software updates from Exchange, according to Pierre

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