Man pleads guilty to selling WhatsApp hacking tool, Signal Jammers & StingRays

A Mexican businessman identified as Carlos Guerrero has pleaded guilty to selling spyware/hacking tools in a federal court, the US Justice Department (DoJ) has confirmed.

The accused owns multiple businesses in Mexico and the USA. Guerrero’s clients included the Mexican state governments of Durango and Baja and private/commercial firms.

According to DoJ, Guerrero purchased the tools, including signal jammers, IMSI catchers, StingRays, wireless network interception tools, and WhatsApp messages hacking tech, from Italy and Israel. He sold them to clients in Mexico and the USA. Guerrero pleaded guilty to conspiracy to sell the abovementioned tools. 

An IMSI catcher and StingRay device

The 48-year-old Chula Vista, California, and Tijuana, Mexico resident appeared in a federal court in San Diego. The prosecution alleged that he owned multiple companies registered in his home country and the USA. These companies were used as sales brokers to deal in surveillance and interception tools.

The Accusations

The prosecution accused the Mexican entrepreneur of brokering sales of interception as well as selling spyware to the Mexican government and private clients who then used them for personal and commercial gains.

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