Microsoft Teams Targeted With Takeover Trojans

Threat actors are infiltrating the increasingly popular collaboration app to attach malicious files to chat threads that drop system-hijacking malware.

Threat actors are targeting Microsoft Teams users by planting malicious documents in chat threads that execute Trojans that ultimately can take over end-user machines, researchers have found.

In January, researchers at Avanan, a Check Point Company, began tracking the campaign, which drops malicious executable files in Teams conversations that, when clicked on, eventually take over the user’s computer, according to a report published Thursday.

“Using an executable file, or a file that contains instructions for the system to execute, hackers can install DLL files and allow the program to self-administer and take control over the computer,” cybersecurity researcher and analyst at Avanan Jeremy Fuchs wrote in a report. “By attaching the file to a Teams attack, hackers have found a new way to easily target millions of users.”

Cybercriminals long have targeted Microsoft’s ubiquitous document-creation and sharing suite – the legacy Office and its cloud-based version, Office 365 – with attacks against individual apps in the suite such as PowerPoint as well as business email compromise and other scams.

Now Microsoft Teams –

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