ModifiedElephant APT hackers plant incriminating evidence on victims devices

ModifiedElephant APT group has been carrying out its malicious activities since 2012 and successfully evading detection for over a decade.

The IT security researchers at SentinelLabs have revealed details of an advanced persistent threat (APT) group that’s been hijacking the devices of lawyers, educationists, defenders, journalists, and civil rights activists since 2012.

According to SentinelLabs’ report, the group, dubbed ModifiedElephant, plants ‘incriminating evidence’ on its targets’ devices.

About ModifiedElephant’s Cybercrimes

According to researchers, the APT group that evaded detection for a decade has been involved in widespread cyberattacks in India, and the group has persistently targeted high-profile personalities.

Interestingly, the group doesn’t focus on data theft but surveillance. After invading its victim’s device, ModifiedElephant implants files that could be used to prosecute the individual, apart from spying on their activities.

Researchers at SentinelLabs believe that the group’s primary objective is to carry out “long-term surveillance” that usually concludes with the “delivery of evidence.’ This evidence incriminates the victim in specific crimes.

Researchers wrote that there’s an “observable correlation between ModifiedElephant attacks and the arrests of individuals in controversial, politically-charged cases.”

“After careful review of the attackers’ campaigns over the last decade, we have identified hundreds of groups

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