Most Email Security Approaches Fail to Block Common Threats

A full 89 percent of organizations experienced one or more successful email breaches during the previous 12 months, translating into big-time costs.

On overwhelming number of security teams believe their email security systems to be ineffective against the most serious inbound threats, including ransomware.

That’s according to a survey of business customers using Microsoft 365 for email commissioned by Cyren and conducted by Osterman Research, which examined concerns with phishing, business email compromise (BEC), and ransomware threats, attacks that became costly incidents, and preparedness to deal with attacks and incidents.

“Security team managers are most concerned that current email security solutions do not block serious inbound threats (particularly ransomware), which requires time for response and remediation by the security team before dangerous threats are triggered by users,” according to the report, released Wednesday.

Less than half of those surveyed said that their organizations can block delivery of email threats. And, correspondingly, less than half of organizations rank their currently deployed email security solutions as effective.

Protections against impersonation threats are viewed as least effective, followed by measures to detect and block mass-mailed phishing emails.

Thus, it’s perhaps no surprise that almost all of the organizations polled

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